Leadership and knowing who you are

Leadership_Project_ManagementThere are tens, hundreds or perhaps thousands of valid leadership definitions from renowned authors, all over the place! You find them in books, blogs, videos, articles, courses, seminars… you name it! So which one to follow? Which one to consider over the others? The one you like most? The one that is most “comfortable” for you?

When I teach Leadership or facilitate processes of Leadership Development, even if I do quote some Leadership definitions and Leadership practices, what is most important to me is that clients and students experience the deep reflection of who they are. What kind of a leader can you turn into if you don’t know much about yourself? Will you be ready to influence others and be followed if you barely know the surface of your own identity?

Getting to know oneself is a life journey, but it is never late to start. And true leaders (pick your favorite!) are clearly people that spend time in their personal/professional development. Such development processes always call for facing identity questions, personal mission/vision questions, and vocation/profession questions.

Have you ever thought about what kind of leader you are/you want to be? And about who you are right now, today? Are you your behaviors? Are you your context? Are you your skills? Are you your beliefs or your values? Are you your memory or your life habits? Are you something else? WHO ARE YOU?

Some questions bring answers, and some others bring new questions which lead us in a path of growth and development. So the above are indeed simple questions with no simple answers. But I assure you that simply reflecting about them makes you a stronger and wiser person; someone ready to lead because of the clarity gained within. It doesn’t matter if you are a project manager, a team leader, a Buddhist, a parent, or a student. Take a moment (or many moments!) to think about it. Because, how can you lead others, and how can you lead yourself, if you don’t know who you are, or at least reflect about it?

Rafael García Monroy

Leadership Professor

Change agent, coach


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